Ondoy Village with approximately 1200 dwellings was constructed using international aid following typhoon Ondoy in approx. 2010. Sources of water are not potable, and sanitation is inadequate allowing wastes to contaminate groundwater. Residents purchase clean water from water trucks when available – although some residents do not have the financial means to do this. Those who cannot afford clean water suffer disease, particularly children.

The residents are keen to secure sources of clean water, and to improve sanitation in the village.

In 2014 the residents formed a Water Cooperative, with a Board of Directors.

The Cooperative has undertaken a number of projects to help residents of the community, including provision of (non-potable) water, sourced from a deep well. It has become a multi-purpose Cooperative.

In early 2019 a room was constructed at the side of the office to house the SkyHydrant Max, and in May 2019 the cooperative began producing treated water and selling it to the community. It is sold at a price lower than residents paid to commercial suppliers. Funds are used by the cooperative to provide water at no cost to those who do not have an income, and for other projects to benefit the community.

A member of the cooperative was employed as the operator of the SkyHydrant.

In early 2020 Steve Hain visited and provided additional training in SkyHydrant maintenance, including cleaning of containers brought by residents to be filled with water.

Steve Hain Training Cooperative Members